Additional Services 

For the government funded places * we charge an additional services fee to enable us to provide a high quality of care for all children. As widely publicised the government funding does not match what we spend in order to provide our high quality.

We do not ask parents to provide nappies, wipes or any other aspects of their hygiene needs. The charge enables us to provide healthy happy meals that the children can all share together. Most importantly this charge makes all our wonderful trips and visits happen! We are always finding new and exciting places to take the children as well as different visitors to come in, some of our frequent ones are featured on this page!

*NB We do offer limited places that are exempt from the additional services charge

Leaps and Bounds - progressive physical movement programme using colourful equipment, children are encouraged through a sequence of tasks to develop skills including: locomotion, agility, balance, climbing, co-ordination and language development through the use of action songs and rhymes.

Sports Elite who come in for weekly Football Sessions!

London Transport Museum!

Fresh Water Theatre Company!

Zoolab!              Kinderland Performances!

Mango Tree Drummers!    Bonfire Night!    Bouncy Castles

 Karen's Pets and Ponies!

          Selsdon Library                 Santa

Local Shops such as the Florist and the Supermarket!

The Meadow!      The Park!

             Fire Engines!         Milton the Clown!

Police and their Vehicles!

 Adventures in the Woods!