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Kinderland Day Nursery, 1 Normanton Road, South Croydon CR2 7AE


Barn Owls 

In Barn Owls we have so  much fun! We get messy, we explore and we make the best of friends. We learn about developing aspects of our social skills such as how we use our ‘listening ears’, following instructions, beginning to share and developing knowledge of who we are as people. The children also focus on their independence in Barn Owls, this means there is lots of toilet training that goes on! We work in partnership with parents to ensure continuous care which really helps with successful consistent toilet training.

All our children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Using the EYFS framework we plan exciting activities for the children in order to keep them interested and motivated.


Our Room

Our floor is always well planned and structured to ensure children’s individual needs are met. We keep the environment brightly decorated with attractive wall displays showing the children's work. We always set up exciting activities that are well designed to reflect the curriculum whilst ensuring the best facilities are provided for each child's individual learning and development needs.


The Barn Owls follow a regular routine so that the children feel comfortable and settled. The day consists of fun learning activities based around play. The children are given ample opportunity to play in the garden and, of course, the day is structured to include mealtimes. After lunch, the children have the opportunity to sleep for an hour and a half. This is at each parent’s discretion so please let us know if you wish for your child to have an afternoon nap.
The routine is kept on the wall in our room. However, if you would like a copy, please let us know. 

Key Person and Communication

Your child will have their own key person who will spark a close bond with your little one enabling a positive attachment so that when you, the parent, depart for the day the child knows they have their special person there for them alongside the rest of the team. This person will be there for the initial pre-start where you can get to know each other right from the get go! We find having a key person is vital for healthy communication between you and the Kinderland team.

We believe it is important for good channels of communication to exist between parents and the nursery, so we encourage you to contact us if you want to discuss anything. We have an open door policy in the office and parents are always welcome to give us a call.