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Kinderland Day Nursery, 1 Normanton Road, South Croydon CR2 7AE



Preschool is about guiding the children towards being ready for that all important landmark, their first day at 'big school'! This isn't just about reading and writing, it's about life skills. The more prepared the children are the easier they will settle into school. All our Pre-School children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Using the EYFS framework we plan exciting activities for the children in order extend their learning, challenge their abilities and encourage sustained shared thinking. 

Starting Out in Preschool

We aim to help the children learn skills such as the best ways to express our emotions, good manners, dressing ourselves, personal hygiene and expressing our wants, needs and ideas through words. 

We encourage the children to practice British Values using our five finger rules ‘Good Playing’, ‘Good Sharing’, ‘Kind Touching’, ‘Good/Kind Talking’, and ‘Good Sitting, Good Looking and Good Listening’. We also extend the children’s learning, depending on their development stages, through practicing literacy and numeracy skills. Our Early Years teacher Jennifer works with each of the children to further their level of learning. Parents can also help the children by further developing all these skills at home and we work in partnership to encourage parents with home learning.

 Every new child is given two 1 hour pre-starts in Pre-School to enable them to get used to their new surroundings and familiarise themselves with the new children and staff.

The Environment

Our floor is always well planned and structured. We keep the environment brightly decorated with attractive wall displays. Pre-School prides itself on doing the best for your child. We believe it is important for your child to feel comfortable in their new environment from day one and to enjoy the company of the other children in this age group. We value feedback and will often make changes to the room layout according to the children’s wants, needs and ideas.


The children in Pre-School are provided with fun activities that will help them learn and develop as they move towards going to school.

Weekly we have Leaps and Bounds who help us with our physical development and exercise! We also have Sports Elite who come in for weekly Football Sessions.

Preschool staff take a small number of children on outings so that they can experience the wider world, our annual trips include visits to the park, the library, local meadow, loops of Croydon on public transport such as the bus, train and tram and we also take the children to the London Transport Museum!  We go on bi-weekly trips to the woods to enable the children to have ample time to explore and experience the outdoors in a different and exciting way!

We also have lots of visitors who come in such as The Police, The Fire Brigade who bring their Fire Engine, Mango Tree Drummers, Fresh Theatre Water Company and so many more!

It is important for the children to be allowed a degree of independence in activities. This is introduced through various ways, such as allowing the children to prepare and serve their own food and to set-up tables for meal times. 

Pre-School Support and Extension

Jennifer is our Early Years Teacher; she works with small groups of the Pre-School children, providing the children with support and extension as required by each individual child. This enhances their educational development and helps to ensure they are prepared for entry into school once they move on from Kinderland.

Key Person and Communication

Your child will have their own key person who will spark a close bond with your little one enabling a positive attachment so that when you, the parent, depart for the day the child knows they have their special person there for them alongside the rest of the team. This person will be there for the initial pre-start where you can get to know each other right from the get go! We find having a key person is vital for healthy communication between you and the Kinderland team.

We believe it is important for good channels of communication to exist between parents and the nursery, so we encourage you to contact us if you want to discuss anything. We have an open door policy in the office and parents are always welcome to give us a call.