Jolly Giraffes 


In Jolly Giraffes we’re building upon their little personalities giving ample time for free play encouraging their creativity and imagination! We have lots of time for singing and dancing as well as reading lots of stories. Often you’ll find us engaged in messy play which develops our fine motor skills. We also spend lots of time outdoors and have weekly Leaps and Bounds sessions to develop our gross motor skills.


 Joining Jolly Giraffes

Joining a new room is a big step for every child, we work very closely with Busy Bees to ensure that the transition will be smooth. We believe it is important for your child to feel comfortable in their new environment from day one, and to enjoy the company of the other children in this age group. 

Every new child is given pre-starts in Jolly Giraffes before they officially change rooms which enable feelings of familiarity within their new surroundings as well as with the children and staff. 

The Environment

Our room is always well planned and structured with lots for the little ones to explore. We have lots of space for children to move around to aid their physical development, within our rooms we have a climbing frame, ball pool as well as lots of sensory furniture. We display lots of the children’s art work along with photos of all the fun we have!


The Jolly Giraffes follow a routine so that they feel comfortable and settled. The day consists of lots of exciting fun learning through play. The children are given ample opportunity to play in the garden, as there is lots of exciting learning to be discovered outdoors!

We encourage independence during various aspects of our day such as having a go at feeding ourselves during meal times and making lots of choices!

Sleep time is flexible however usually after lunch, the children have time for an afternoon sleep. This is at each parent's discretion so please let us know your desired sleep schedule for your child.

The routine is displayed in our room however if you would like a copy, please let us know.


Through lots of fun activities the children learn how to play alongside each other (parallel play) encouraging spatial awareness and developing positive relationships with staff. Positive attachments are so important to enable children to have the best possible start in life. Resources are easily accessible to the children and we encourage them to make choices.

Key Person & Communication

Your child will have their key person who will spark a close bond with your little one enabling a positive attachment so that when you, the parent, depart for the day the child knows they have their special person there for them alongside the rest of the team. This person will be there for the initial pre-start where you can get to know each other right from the get go! We find having a key person is vital for healthy communication between you and the Kinderland team.

We also provide a contact book for each child in which we keep a daily record of information relating to your child, including what they have eaten and what activities they have participated in. We also encourage parents to drop us a note if need be in their books too!