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Busy Bees            

Busy bees is our baby room. With our warm professional love and care babies are encouraged to explore using their inbuilt curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them. Our positive, secure and healthy environment enables children to develop into confident, happy and strong little people! Our staff are highly qualified with a sound knowledge of child development.

All children in Busy Bees are introduced to the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) and using this we plan a rich and stimulating learning experience for our babies according to their individual needs.

Beginning in Busy Bees

We know settling your child with us can be a daunting time so we aim to support you and child as much as possible. We do this by giving lots of professional love to your little one, spending time getting to know their little character and learning how best to settle them.

Every new child is given pre-starts before they start with us, in order to allow him or her to get used to their surroundings and familiarise themselves with the new children and staff. Staff are always there to offer support, advice and give lots of feedback about your baby's day at nursery.

The Environment

The baby room provides a safe, warm and cosy environment in which we can cherish your child. We aim to provide the same level of care and attention that you would want to give your baby at home.

We have bright and spacious rooms, where children's artwork and pictures are displayed on the boards, modelling what they have learnt. The room layout is open so the children can move freely from one area to another, whilst still feeling secure.


We have a very flexible routine on Busy Bees which revolves around each child’s individual needs. Every child is a unique individual with their own characteristics and temperament, so it is important to allow each child to settle in and adjust to the nursery setting at their own pace.

We initially follow the child's home routine and then gradually introduce our routine, depending on the age of the baby. 

Key Person and Communication

Your baby will have their own key person who will spark a close bond with your little one enabling a positive attachment so that when you, the parent, depart for the day the child knows they have their special person there for them alongside the rest of the team. This person will be there for the initial pre-start where you can get to know each other right from the get go! We find having a key person is vital for healthy communication between you and the Kinderland team.

We have daily contact books which inform parents and carers about how their child has been throughout the day. In addition, the staff team are always available to talk to parents and carers about their child's day. Parents and carers are encouraged to use the contact book to inform us of any change in your child's routine, which ensures continuity of care between home and nursery.


All the activities are based on the EYFS. Most of the activities are child-led, with the staff there to support the children and show them how to make the best use of the resources. Within our activities, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum giving opportunities that will help children to develop; knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes. This learning normally takes place in the context of purposeful play in a meaningful situation.

What we provide

There is no need to worry about bringing nappies or wipes, we will provide these. All we request is that you bring your child's bottle, formula and a change of clothes. You will be given with a nursery bag, which you can label and put your child's belongings in.