"I will be recommending Kinderland to absolutely anyone in Croydon who voices that they are looking for good childcare. The level of care and facilities at Kinderland is second to none and there were many times when I myself wish I could have stayed and played the entire day!"

"Everyone at Kinderland goes over and above the call of duty to ensure that the children feel the nursery is like a second home and that the environment is one of fun, learning and security. I am extremely proud of the little person my daughter has started to grow into and I feel that a lot of the credit for this has to go to Kinderland.”

 "The family feel of the nursery along with the fantastic and caring staff combine to give the ideal place for helping us to raise happy, well balanced, polite and confident children. Giving the, I believe, the best possible start in life. I can't thank you enough for everything."

 “Our child’s days were filled with fun, laughter, love and care from the most wonderful, professional and experienced staff.”

 "My son's last day has arrived (sob, sob) !! A big thank you for everything you have done for us during our son's time with you. You are a fantastic nursey with an amazing team of people and we will miss you all as will our son of course."

 "Our decision to send our daughter to Kinderland was based on the warmth we felt and the happiness of the children we observed on our initial visit.  The people make the real difference and Kinderland seem to have the knack to employing fantastic staff."

"The nursery is very welcoming to parents. The children really develop good social skills by the time they leave to go to school"

"The welcoming environment of the nursery and caring approach shown by all the staff are unlikely to be easily found elsewhere"

"I am extremely proud of the little person my daughter has started to grow into and I feel that a lot of credit for this has to go to Kinderland"

"I put hand on heart and tell so many that we had the best time with you all"

"I couldn't ask for a better level of care for my daughter. She never wants to leave!"

"My daughter is the latest of our family to join Kinderland - following her brother, two nephews and a niece!! Such a brilliant nursery - so caring and friendly and the children are always busy with something! Extremely highly recommended!"

"I had the privilege of working at Kinderland for two years. Amazing nursery & wonderful staff. Lovely memories of my time working there"

"My son went to Kinderland for 2 years. I can't express enough how happy I was with the staff. They were all so friendly. My son's development improved so much in the time he attended the nursery. Id definitely recommend to other parents"

"First of all, I need thank you and your amazing staff for the unbelievable, unconditional kindness you have shown towards our entire family during a very tricky time. Throughout we were secure in the knowledge that our children were taken care of and loved and that has been an enormous comfort to us. But then you and your staff have also been patient and understanding of when we've needed flexibility with hours and when traffic didn't cooperate and everything else. That goes above and beyond the duty of care to our children because really, you were looking after our entire family. There are not enough words to express how unbelievably grateful we are. We wish we could pick the entire Kinderland up and transfer you all to our new village."

"My child has grown from a very tearful sticky baby to a happy, confident and sociable toddler thanks to the persistence and caring work of all of you."

"Nursery is my other home now!"