Parents and Carers as Partners

We believe that children benefit the most when parents and staff work together in partnership to ensure quality care and learning for the children. The nursery team welcomes parents as partners and this relationship needs to be built on trust and understanding. It is important that we, as carers, are able to support parents in an open and sensitive manner. A two way sharing of information is key.


We aim to:

  • Recognise and support parents as their child’s first and most important educators, and to welcome them into the life of the nursery.
  • Generate confidence and encourage parents to trust their own instincts and judgements regarding their own child.
  • Maintain regular contact with parents to help us build a secure and beneficial working relationship for their children.
  • Support parents in their own continuing education and personal development and inform them of relevant conferences, workshops and training.
  • Create opportunities for parents to talk to other adults in a secure and supportive environment through such activities such as ‘Parents Evenings’.
  • Inform parents about nursery activities and events through Eylog and regularly distributed newsletters.


If you have any suggestions or feedback please email us at