Jolly Giraffes 


 18-30 months

Fun and Smiles in Jolly Giraffes

Our objective is to provide your child with childcare of the highest standard. Between the ages 18 months and 30 months, children grow and develop their character rapidly; we want to help this growth and development as much as possible, so we provide fun and enjoyable activities to help your child learn through play.

All our children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Using the EYFS we plan exciting activities for the children in order to develop their thinking, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Joining Jolly Giraffes

Joining a new floor is a big step for every child but it doesn't have to be difficult or upsetting. We work with Busy Bees to ensure that the transition will be smooth. We believe it is important for your child to feel comfortable in their new environment from day one, and to enjoy the company of the other children in this age group.
Every new child is given pre-starts in Jolly Giraffes before they officially change rooms which enable feelings of familiarity within their new surroundings as well as with the children and staff.


The Environment

Our floor is always well planned and structured. We keep the environment brightly decorated with attractive wall displays. We always set up exciting activities that are well designed to reflect the curriculum and we ensure the best facilities are provided for your child. In Jolly Giraffes, your child will be able to learn to be a bit more independent.


The Jolly Giraffes follow a regular routine so that they feel comfortable and settled. The day consists of fun learning activities based around play. The children are given ample opportunity to play in the garden and, of course, the day is structured to include mealtimes. After lunch, the children have the opportunity to sleep. This is at each parent's discretion so please let us know if you wish for your child to have an afternoon nap.

The routine is kept on the wall in our room. However if you would like a copy, please let us know.


The children are provided with fun activities that will help them learn and develop. The focus is on how children learn so activities are based around the children's interests and these are then implemented in our planning. We believe it is important for children to be allowed a degree of independence in their activities. This is introduced through various ways, such as making resources easily accessible so the children can choose what they would like to use.

Key Person & Communication

As with all floors, your child will be allocated a key person in Jolly Giraffes. This particular member of staff will have special responsibility for your child and will act as a key point of contact between you and the nursery.

We also provide a contact book for each child in which we keep a daily record of information relating to your child, including what he or she has eaten and what activities they have participated in.